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  • BRN's mission is to help rebuild and restore the community to its common familial bond between Barbudans.

  • Strengthen and expand the skill set of the residents.

  • Provide educational tools through global technology, which will empower the next generation!

  • Establish better health care services and promote healthcare awareness.

  • Rebuild the Agricultural sector, which will enable Barbudans to be self-sustainable. Food sovereignty is a top priority.

  • Participate in climate change, moving forward to a stronger, greener and cleaner environment.

Barbuda Relief Network (BRN) has been working tirelessly with several organizations and the central government to help rebuild Barbuda. Most of our funding come through grassroot, on the ground, fund raising. As a result of this hard work, BRN partnered with several NGO's to accomplish several projects.​

  • In 2018, we helped organize the first 52 Day clean up. Where volunteers came from all over to help with the removal of debris.

  • BRN shipped 3 classrooms of desks for the elementary school for the school opening.

  • Summer of 2019, BRN paired with technology giant Cisco on a "Girls Power Tech" program to inspire young women to pursue careers in STEM and technology. This will open up new development streams for future generations in Barbuda.

  • 2019, BRN collaborated with Seed Savers Exchange to help rebuild the agricultural sector. Seed Savers donated seeds through its disaster relief program. Barbudans planted several acres of land with the support of the Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute.

  • BRN collaborated with friends who aided in providing books and school supplies, such as white boards and tablets.

  • In 2018-2019, Donations of over 100 bikes were given to school children through our "Bikes 4 Barbuda" initiative.

  • We also raised enough funds to purchase an electric wheelchair for an 11 year-old girl with cerebral palsy, giving her the ability to attend school for the first time. We followed with supplying further supplies for the special needs classroom.

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  • 2020, BRN shipped barrels of food, over the counter medicine and PPE to help the residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • May 2022, BRN partnered with Antigua Lions Club for a two-day health fair. We provided free eye exams and prescription glasses. Free dental care for all residents was also included.

  • 2021, BRN shipped several barrels of food for our food pantry initiative.

  • November 2021, BRN participated in World Diabetes Day, partnered with the Antigua and Barbuda Diabetes Association for a day of free public health screenings. This aided in building awareness amongst residents on the island.

What's Next?

Despite some setbacks, this grassroot organization has no plans to stop. Moving forward, BRN will be continuously advocating for changes focused on offering higher quality health care systems and make health care affordable. Also bringing awareness to mental health and make dental health a priority. BRN will continue to support efforts towards rebuilding the agricultural sector and maintaining a clean ecofriendly environment. Lastly but not least, BRN will continue to support educational programs involving school children to further enrich future generations on the island.

Our Mission

Our Work

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